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Welcome to  poetiq.com.
  Benjamin Theolonius Sanders a.k.a. "IQ"

* * * 

It is my hope that future versions of this site provide a centering place for academic, social, and spiritual change for the betterment of the Greater Memphis Metropolitan Area,  Australia, and the world. I would personally like to thank all the beautiful souls I have met on my journey to date who have aided in my personal, spiritual, emotional and artistic growth.

is my hometown.  For over 22 years I have spent my blood, sweat, and tears educating and inspiring children and adults willing to put pen, imagination, and breath to the service of making Memphis a wonderful place to live, work, and create. Because of my level and consistency of service to the varied populations of Memphis and the Mid-South I have been graciously called "Memphis Poet Laureate." I have performed in schools, churches, bars, clubs, parks, restaurants, and homes. I have performed solo, with bands, Grammy Award Winners, with the homeless, with distinguished and not-so-well-known visitors to our Bluff, and with some of the most precious children planet Earth has ever sown.
Presently I am serving as the Poet Laureate of the Center for Southern Folklore. 

May the Source of All Light, Love and Wisdom guide us to the Center of Breath, where Spirit, Word, and Deed are One.

Peace & Blessings,

Benjamin Theolonius Sanders (IQ)
Poet Laureate of the Center for Southern Folklore (Memphis, TN)
Cafe Poet, Australian Poetry Ltd. (Brunswick)
Slammaster, AUS Underground Slam (AUS)
Slammaster, Muddy Rivers Slam ( GEELONG)
Memphis Poet Laureate

Email poetiq@hotmail.com for information on available residencies, or ring for workshops for your friends, family, students, or yourself.

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