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Brunswick is Beautiful

Located a few clicks North of the Melbourne CBD. the heartbeat of Melbourne can be felt pusling on Sydney Road in Brunswick.

Bella. The brake dust of North Coburg 19 trams ferrying people of every nationality can be seen mixing a global village of smells from vibrant ethnic cuisines.

Enter a first serve of poetry worthy of Melbourne's diversity and Australian voices. A Pint for your Mind is an original offering of over 22 Melbourne Poets, Spoken Word Artists, and Musicians who feel the vitality, the energy of Brunswick surging through them. Convening in The People's Republic of Moreland, the project was conceptualized, recorded, and mastered in Brunswick, Victoria. 

A Pint for your Mind celebrates over 70 years of poetry and living through the recorded  talents of some of Melbourne's most well known poets as well as lesser known but gifted artists sure to become fixtures in the Melbourne creative scene.    

This is a beginning, an exploration into what it is to be Brunswick.
3056 is more than a code. It is an essence, human and heartpoundingly alive.
This is poetry for children, for adults of all ages. This is honest poetry for the pub, insightful reflections for the cafe, timeless tenderness for the dining table, hilariously funny wit for the Bar-B.

Real Poetry Is.
Download the album. Listen to the stories. Watch this space.
Watch Brunswick Blossom before your eyes.
Feel The Poetry of 3056. 

Be Brunswick Forever.
Be 3056.


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